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3.5 Instructor's Guide

This instructor's guide provides answers to the question section.

3.4.1 Suggest that learners answer in a short paragraph. Both describing and refuting the security advantages discussed in this module demonstrate interaction with the module.

3.4.2 From section 3.2, all distributed energy resource technologies reguire grid invertors. Grid invertors perform the a common function for all of the DER technologies. They produce three phase AC grid voltage from the DER generated power.

3.4.3 From section 3.3.3: switching frequency and line conditions, digital delay, synchronization to he grid, anddetection and re-closure to the grid are some of the challenges medium and high power invertors face. There are multiple other challenges.

(a) The answer to this questions demands an evaluation of the creative efforts put forward by the learner.

3.4.4 ANSI/IEEE C84.1 - 1995, [19];IEEE 519 - 1992, [20]; IEEE 929 - 2000, [21];IEEE 1547 - 2003; UL 1741, [22]


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